Equipment and vehicle finance to help your busines grow

The success of any rural business relies heavily on the reliability and quality of it's equipment. Whether it's trucks, utes, earth-movers, harvesters, crop dusters or tractors, the outlay can be significant, which is why Express Fund offers a range of finance options to help farmers and rural businesses buy, upgrade or replace their equipment, including chattel mortgages, rental agreements, leases and hire purchase.

Express Fund offers the benefit of fixed interest rates with a set lease term and regular payments. We can even tailor your repayments to match seasonal fluctuations in income. All these features can help your business planning and budgeting, along with being able to free up your working capital which can be directed towards your business growth.

Express Fund has established relationships with lenders for over 20 years, which allows us to fast-track applications and in some cases provide full approvals with limited financials within 24 hours.



Tax benefits

Full tax deductibility on income producing assets where you can claim up to 100% deduction of the rental payments - for assets that are producing an income.


Affordable repayments

We structure payments to suit you and even take into account seasonal cash flow adjustments. You have total control and flexibility - aim is to ensure you maintain adequate cash flow, gain a tax benefit and upgrade your equipment to help profitability.


Expert advice

We have a range of finance options available and will guide you as to which option best suits your needs. 

So if you are just starting out and haven't yet built up a trading history yet, that wont be a barrier to a successful finance application.


Quick approvals 

We take care of all the paperwork and it takes just a matter of minutes to comlete an appliaction. Either complete our online application form, call us on 1800 265 546 to complete an application by phone.

Ready to go? Apply for finance now.