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Equipment and Vehicle Finance for farmers

Specifically developed to help farmers and rural-based businesses, Express Fund's agricultural equipment and vehicle finance solutions are the most flexible on the market.

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Equipment finance to help your business grow

Express Fund Equipment Finance offer its customers one of the most flexible agricultural equipment and vehicle finance solutions in the market. Farmers can access finance for new and used equipment of any age and mileage. We offer a range of finance options and can tailor a solution to suit the speicific needs of the customer. We work closely with a range of rural businesses to provide quotes and pre-approvals in a timely manner and to fit in with the purchase cycle.

Our established relationships with lenders over 20 years, allows us to fast track applications and in some cases provide full approvals with limited financials within 24 hours.

Finance options

Short term

This option offers a quick and easy short term financing solution for your equipment.  Click here to calculate you repayments.

Hire purchase

Suitable for businesses with the objective of attaining ownership of the leased equipment after the contract has been completed and paid in full. 

3-5 year Lease

Similar to hire purchase, except when the lease finishes, you either continue to lease the item or upgrade. Perfect to keep up with the latest technology, without the cost or hassel of constantly upgrading. 

Chattel mortgage

Also known as an equipment loan, a Chattel Mortgage is a fixed-interest loan that presents a tax advantage (loan repayments do not require simultaneous payment of the GST). This option is secured by a mortgage over the asset.

Novated lease

novated lease is a finance structure for busineses, whereby the employer leases a vehicle on behalf of the employee. Commonly used as part of salary packaging, a novated lease provides employees with a financial benefit at little-or-no cost to the business.

Balloon residual

A balloon or residual payment is used to make finance more affordable by lowering your monthly or annual repayments. the aim of this strucutre is to free up your ca. For example, at the end of your lease, you have option to either make a lump-sum payment to cover the unpaid portion, refinance the amount owing, or sell or trade in athe equipment to pay off the outstanding amount.

A better way to do business

Affordable weekly, monthly or annual repayements

We can structure payments on a weekly or monthly basis and even take into account seasonal cash flow adjustments. You have total control and flexibility on how you structure the repayments. Our aim is to ensure you maintain adequate cash flow, gain a tax benefit and upgrade your equipment to help profitability.

Tax deductable for income-producing assets

Full tax deductibility is possible on equipment rental and leasing products where you can claim up to 100% deduction of the rental payments - for assets that are producing an income. 

Income-producing assets are any assets that are contributing to the bottom line of your business such as machinery, office equipment, solar panels etc.

No trading history required

We have a range of finance options available that assess your application regardless of your trading history.

So if you are just starting out and haven't yet built up a trading history yet, that wont be a barrier to a successful finance application.

Quick pre-approvals with no financials

In most cases we can provided a pre-approval within 24 hours. Our flexible business model enables us to access a range of finance options and we can quickly assess the best option to suit your needs. 

It is our aim to get you up and running as soon as possible, so you can secure the equipment and funding you need quickly.

The experience of dealing with Express Fund was a lot easier than dealing with traditional banks as the flexible lending options gave me peace of mind. All it took was a phone call and a simple online application and the finance approval happened very quickly.



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