Tax benefits

Tax deductible on income-producing assets, where you can claim up to 100% deduction of the rental payments - for assets that are producing an income.


Affordable repayments

Payments structured to suit you income cycle with the ability to  take into account seasonal cash flow adjustments. You have total control and flexibility - aim is to ensure you maintain adequate cash flow, gain a tax benefit and upgrade your equipment to help profitability.


Quick approvals 

We take care of all the paperwork and it takes just a matter of minutes to complete an application. Either complete our online application form, call us on 1800 265 546 to complete an application by phone.

Asset Finance with Express Fund

SA Grain Services is pleased to be partnering with Express Fund to offer tailored finance options for the purchase of SA Grain Services products.  Express Fund offers flexible payment options and a simple online application process. 

  • A range of lease options available

  • Apply in 10 minutes

  • Transparent pricing - no hidden fees

  • Major tax advantages.


Asset finance can help you get the resources you need to grow your business quickly.

Don’t let a lack of working capital or limited cash flow prevent you from purchasing the equipment or machinery you need in order to capitalise on growth. Whether you choose a Equipment Loan, Finance Lease or Chattel Mortgage, Express Fund can help you to:

  • Preserve working capital by giving you access to the equipment you need with no cash outlay.
  •  Structure repayments to match the seasonality of your business to sure-up cash flow.
  • Access tax deductible benefits, where the equipment is income generating.
  • Upgrade equipment at the end of the contract.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the loan terms?

Loan terms are available from 6 months through to five years, depending on your requirements.

How long does the whole process take?

You can apply online in under ten minutes, and we’ll contact you within 24 hours to finalise your loan details. If your finance is approved, the funds can be in your account within 24 hours.

What lenders do you use?

Express Fund has access to a panel of equipment finance lenders and depending on your needs, we will target the best fit for you. Some of these include Bank of Melbourne, CBA, Moula and Macquarie.

How is Express Fund different to a traditional bank?

At Express Fund, we work with a range of lenders that can make a decision in minutes; much faster than banks, which usually takes a number of weeks to process an application. Our business is targeted to rural businesses, which means we understand your pain points and know just how to help you.

Unlike a traditional loan, we’ve also eliminated the fine print, hidden fees, and complex paperwork. This means you understand what’s going on at every stage, and know exactly what you’re loan agreement means. We’re here to help grow your business, not hold it back.

Please feel free to, contact us here or make a time to speak with Ben Millar to discuss your specific scenario, by clicking on the link below.