An Employer's Guide to Novated Leasing

Novated leasing is considered to be the most powerful salary packaging tools accessible to an employer and the best part of all is it doesn’t cost you a cent to implement.


In most cases the adoption of novated leasing as an employee benefit will have a positive benefit to an organisation by lowering bottom line costs such as payroll tax obligations. In short, an organisation can increase the value of it’s salary package offering without actually increasing your costs. Each lease is set up in the employees' name, so there are no fees or charges for the employer. If the employee changes jobs or s terminated, the lease goes with them.


Attracting and retaining good staff can be a real challenge, especially in a small business. But novated leasing offers your business a tangible employee benefit without the expense of running a complicated employee benefit program. You can essentially offer your staff a pay rise with no cost to the business.


Express Fund manages the whole process for you from negotiating the best deal from a nationwide network of dealers through to coordinating your salary deductions, servicing and insurance.

Partnering with Express Fund will allow your business to offer a program with all the benefits of a large corporate firm such as corporate discounts on servicing, tires, fuel and the vehicle purchase, in a simple and cost effective way.

 Employer Benefits 

Employee benefits

Reduces your company tax burden
Helps company to retain and attract quality staff
No need to offer company cars
Lowers payroll tax
No administration costs
Can offer a employee benefit at no cost to company.
Employee gets to choose a car they love
They can save thousands on tax
One simple monthly repayment
Employee saves on running costs and maintenance
No deposit or down payment required
Lease goes with employee if they change jobs.

A Coordinated Approach With Express Fund

Express Fund offers a comprehensive and simple novated leasing solution for companies, no matter how small or large your business. We manage the whole process for you from negotiating the best deal or staff through to coordinating the salary deductions, servicing and insurance. Ours is tailored approach that takes care of all the details so that your finance and HR teams don't access to divert time away from their tasks. We provide you with one point of contact, that will take your team through the set up and implementation process from start to finish. 

  1. We can align lease payments with your payment cycle.
  2. Once set up is complete, there is little more for your team to do, as we manage all the rest.
  3. We simplify GST reconciliation with up-to-date accounting practices that shows a clear delineation between pre and post-tax deductions
  4. We fully brief your team on FBT obligations to ensure nothing is missed.
  5. We ensure a smooth promotion and roll out of the program to staff to reduce your company's administration load.

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